Sunset Sherbet CBD Flower Pre-Roll Display
CBD Flower Pre-Roll Display – 20 Pre-Rolls – Sunset Sherbet
April 17, 2019
Eczema Assassin Body Butter from Remedy Oil
Eczema Assassin Body Butter
April 22, 2019

Sunset Sherbet Pre-Roll – CBD 19%, Under 0.3% THC


Package Contains 1 Pre-Roll Top shelf flower, never any shake or trim leaves! 
Sunset Sherbet CBD 19.5 %, Under 0.3% THC
Bred From the Classic THC Strain Sunset Sherbet, the nose and taste of this strain is a keeper, one of the best tasting and smelling CBD strains around. With a whopping 19.5% of CBD its surely going to get the job done for you.
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Only 1 Pre-Roll per package.  Top shelf flower, all bud never no shake or trim leaves.


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