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  • Remedy CBG Tincture Watermelon

    CBG Tincture Watermelon


    Frequent and chronic pain can become your constant companion. From a sore neck down to aching feet, you need to find some relief that won’t leave you in more health trouble in the long run than you were when you started.

    You could ask for more pain medication, but the chances of addiction are too high to chance. To get some relief without addiction and other unfortunate side effects, turn your pain over to CBG oil.

    Try our refreshing watermelon flavor and get relief from your pain.

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  • Remedy CBD Tincture Mint Flavor

    CBD Tincture Mint Flavor


    When pain and anxiety start to build up, there’s nothing better then filling up a dropper of Remedy’s Full Spectrum CBD Mint Flavored Tincture. Not only does it taste great it also gets the job done.

    Available in 500 MG, 750 MG and 1000 MG. When it comes to quality Remedy leads the pack. all Cannabinoid Tinctured products are 3rd party lab tested and grown in a licensed facility in the USA under strict guidelines and regulations.

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