Remedy CBD Relief Balm 300mg
CBD Relief Balm 300MG
October 22, 2018

Gold CBD Concentrate Syringe

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Are most concentrated form of CBD oil. So pure its actually gold in color. Designed for people treating cancer, pill addiction, pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and hemorrhoids.

Gold Version 1 gram, 3 gram or 10 gram syringe -Decarboxylated, then filtered. Contains only CBD, no CBDa (please read information below).

  • CO2 extracted hemp oil from the industrial hemp plant.

No other ingredients are added.

These products are made from properly sourced, domestic and European industrial hemp plants. They are 3rd party lab tested to confirm the strength and lack of molds or pests. COA available upon request.

Lab Test Results
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Type – Gold Version (Decarboxylated, then filtered. Contains only CBD, no CBDa)

When the oil is extracted from the hemp plant and does not go through any other processes, we get the Raw [ 1st] version.

Moving forward, the oil is heated in a lab to extract CO2; a process known as decarboxylation. This “activates” all the acid version of the cannabinoids. We now have the 2nd version.

The final step is filtering the oil. This removes most of the extra plant parts and turns the thick, dark paste into an orange-tinted gold gel substance. The oil will now have a higher concentration by volume but may contain fewer phytonutrients than the unfiltered versions.


Sizes and Packaging

  • 1g
  • 3g
  • 10g

Concentrated hemp oils are efficiently packaged to emanate quality and safety.

First, the oil is carefully delivered into an oral syringes. The syringes are capped and safety sealed to prevent any leakage. A small label is applied directly to the tube with a lot number and manufacture date. Lastly, the finished product is packaged in clear sleeves with supplement facts on the back and main label on the front.

Select Size

1g Tube, 3g Tube, 10g Tube

2 reviews for Gold CBD Concentrate Syringe

  1. joel smith

    this stuff taste amazing similar to sweet honey. helps me sleep so much better i don’t wake up at all and also helps with anxiety a lot.. I will order the 10 gram next. thank you Remedy !

  2. Michael Cohen

    this is the best I’ve found on the Market just waiting for the 10G Syringe

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